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National Parks in Ireland in 30 sec...
National Parks in Ireland in 30 seconds

When you think of Ireland, most people will think of rain, sea cliffs, castles and don’t forget the pubs. For sure you will find all those typical things during your trip, but there is so much more Ireland has to offer. 

What about the Guinness Beer, the lakes, the hilly country roads and so much more! I experienced so much during my cycling trip around this incredible country. The people are so friendly and I had a lot of tea and cookies while meeting the local people. For the outdoor junkies Ireland has amazing camping spots to offer, there is a wide variety of campground, wild camping spots and farm stays. 

Ireland has a great infrastructure for trains, buses, roads and cycling paths. As you can go all around by bike the most of us will explore Ireland by a car. I will share all my experience and tips for you. I know for sure you will enjoy this country the fullest.

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